Video Games Work


Type : Student project – PC- (July 2011)

Genre : Rail Shooter

Mode: Solo

Concept : Use a specific hardware as a Voodoo Doll to sting your enemies !

Game Design & Level Design : Yohann Donse, Dorian Screm, Simon Abitan

2D Art : Eugénie Rossi, Ludovic Lecacheur

3D Art and Animations : Myriem Tababouchet, Joël Thor


Level Design Document : Level 01

  • Introduce the Player to the Doll Hardware
  • Introduce the different types of enemies
  • Introduce the game mechanics


Click to play !

Click to play !

Type : Global Game Jam 2015 Project (48 hours to make a game) – PC (January 2015)

Genre : Action-Adventure

Mode : Solo

Concept : Go as far as you can through several deadly dreams with random powers to help you in your journey.

Game Design : Yohann Donse, Antoine Druaux, Steve Ohl

Programming : Yohann Donse

2D Art and Animations : Antoine Druaux, Steve Ohl

Music : Antoine Druaux (soundcloud : Kilirane)



Type : Student project – PC (July 2012)

Genre : Versus Fighting

Multi : 2 Players

Concept : Defeat your enemy while avoiding obstacles on the road in a post-apocalyptic universe.

Game Design & Programming : Yohann Donse, Maxime Breda, Emmanuel Romefort, Ahmin Hafidi

2D-3D Art and Animations : Chris Hoareau, Johnny Lourenco, Quentin Chauvet


Publisher : Anuman Interactive

Developer : 3DDUO

Genre : Puzzle Game

Mode : Solo

Concept : Use your brain and skills toprogress through several levels by destroying blocs and defeating enemies

My Role : Game & Level Design : Boss conception (Concepts, levels and patterns)



Tic Tic (Work in Progress)

Tic Tic

Click to play Tic Tic !

Type : Home-Made Project – Mobile Game

Genre : Runner

Mode : Solo

Concept : Test your reflex with this high-speed runner !

Game Design : Yohann Donse

Programming : Yohann Donse


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