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J-RPG is a book I co-wrote for Japan’s Doors editions.

Sucessfully founded thanks to Crowdfunding on Ulule

You can order the book here

In the video game world, great titles as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest are commonly known. Those two series share the same genre, today known as J-RPG (for Japanese Role Playing Game). Before thoses titles were sacred among the best video games, a lot of J-RPG contributed to build the genre over technological advances.

In order  to extend this passion for video game, we wrote a book grouping the best J-RPG from our childhood to the present days. It is reachable both for regulars and newcomers. J-RPG l’âge d’or introduces the best J-RPG that came out on home and portable consoles.

The book is a chronicle of 240 games from 1980 to 2015 over 288 pages.

The volume is divided in four main parts:

• The cornerstones : This topic deals with the most significant games across the time. It is meant to present technical and artistically evolutions through relevant examples.

• The main sagas and publishers: This part introduces the most important studios and their main sagas.

• The Developers : This part focus on important games wich came out close to the greatest sagas of Sega, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

• The Futur: The book concludes on tributes and the next big projects of J-RPG. What futur can we foresee for the genre ?


During my studies at Isart Digital I came to write two articles related to video games.  The first one is about the cerebral devices, wich allow the player to use his brain as a controller.

In a first part I explain how this technology is born in the medical field and how humans tend to use the different technologies to fulfill their dreams.

In a second part I introduce the company Neurosky and their headset « Mindflex ». I present its possibilities and limits toward gaming.

Eventually, I introduce Emotiv System and their headset with the possibilities and limits toward gaming, as seen previously.

The second one is about Virtual Reality.

In a first part, I give 2 different definitions of Virtual Reality across the time.

In a second part,  I explain why we are interested in this « other » reality.

Eventually, I point out the different devices wich try to make a new step into virtual reality.


In this gamebook, you play the role of Roland de Roncevaux, nephew of Charlemagnes. After you got caught in a snow tempest in the middle of the night, you find refuge in a old Abbay where strange disappearances occur…

The particularity of this game comes from the absence of battle system. Every situation has to be solved by dialogues choices and some specific actions.


In this second gamebook, you can read a extract of Escape From  Dalshire, a gamebook wrote by several teams of game designers. You have to escape from a spatial prison after an accident occurred. In this extract, you have to go through the « religious floor » where different cults are a threat to your escape.



During my 1st year at Isart Digital, I had to create the game system and graphics of a board game with two of my classmates.

That’s how Votasy, the fantasy voting game is born. We wanted to create a game about politic with a fun context, like fantasy. Imagine Orcs, Elves and Dwarfs, creating their party to influence the world politic. Each player is standing as a leader of his own party and must recruit different races to use their special abilities and use cards to propose laws that will change the game rules little by little and advantage his side.