During my 1st year at Isart Digital, I had to create the game system and graphics of a board game with two of my classmates. That’s how Votasy, the fantasy voting game is born. We wanted to create a game about politic with a fun context, like fantasy. Imagine Orcs, Elves and Dwarfs, creating their[…]


In this gamebook, you play the role of Roland de Roncevaux, nephew of Charlemagnes. After you got caught in a snow tempest in the middle of the night, you find refuge in a old Abbay where strange disappearances occur… The particularity of this game comes from the absence of battle system. Every situation has to be[…]


During my studies at Isart Digital I came to write two articles related to video games.  The first one is about the cerebral devices, wich allow the player to use his brain as a controller. In a first part I explain how this technology is born in the medical field and how humans tend to[…]

J-RPG : L’âge d’or du jeu de rôle sur consoles

  J-RPG is a book I co-wrote for Japan’s Doors editions. Sucessfully founded thanks to Crowdfunding on Ulule You can order the book here In the video game world, great titles as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest are commonly known. Those two series share the same genre, today known as J-RPG (for JapaneseRole Playing Game). Before[…]


  Type : Student project – PC- (July 2011) Genre : Rail Shooter Mode: Solo Concept : Use a specific hardware as a Voodoo Doll to sting your enemies ! Game Design & Level Design : Yohann Donse, Dorian Screm, Simon Abitan 2D Art : Eugénie Rossi, Ludovic Lecacheur 3D Art and Animations : Myriem Tababouchet, Joël Thor   Level Design Document :[…]

Titan : Escape the Tower

  Publisher : Anuman Interactive Developer : 3DDUO Genre : Puzzle Game Mode : Solo Concept : Use your brain and skills toprogress through several levels by destroying blocs and defeating enemies My Role : Game & Level Design : Boss conception (Concepts, levels and patterns)    

Survive Your Nightmare

  Type : Global Game Jam 2015 Project (48 hours to make a game) – PC (January 2015) Genre : Action-Adventure Mode : Solo Concept : Go as far as you can through several deadly dreams with random powers to help you in your journey. Game Design : Yohann Donse, Antoine Druaux, Steve Ohl Programming : Yohann Donse 2D Art and Animations :[…]

Versus : Clash of the Weels

Type : Student project – PC (July 2012) Genre : Versus Fighting Multi : 2 Players Concept : Defeat your enemy while avoiding obstacles on the road in a post-apocalyptic universe. Game Design & Programming : Yohann Donse, Maxime Breda, Emmanuel Romefort, Ahmin Hafidi 2D-3D Art and Animations : Chris Hoareau, Johnny Lourenco, Quentin Chauvet