J-RPG : L’âge d’or du jeu de rôle sur consoles



J-RPG is a book I co-wrote for Japan’s Doors editions.

Sucessfully founded thanks to Crowdfunding on Ulule

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In the video game world, great titles as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest are commonly known. Those two series share the same genre, today known as J-RPG (for JapaneseRole Playing Game). Before thoses titles were sacred among the best video games, a lot of J-RPG contributed to build the genre over technological advances.

In order  to extend this passion for video game, we wrote a book grouping the best J-RPG from our childhood to the present days. It is reachable both for regulars and newcomers. J-RPG l’âge d’or introduces the best J-RPG that came out on home and portable consoles.

The book is a chronicle of 240 games from 1980 to 2015 over 288 pages.

The volume is divided in four main parts:

• The cornerstones : This topic deals with the most significant games across the time. It is meant to present technical and artistically evolutions through relevant examples.

• The main sagas and publishers: This part introduces the most important studios and their main sagas.

• The Developers : This part focus on important games wich came out close to the greatest sagas of Sega, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

• The Futur: The book concludes on tributes and the next big projects of J-RPG. What futur can we foresee for the genre ?