During my studies at Isart Digital I came to write two articles related to video games.  The first one is about the cerebral devices, wich allow the player to use his brain as a controller.

In a first part I explain how this technology is born in the medical field and how humans tend to use the different technologies to fulfill their dreams.

In a second part I introduce the company Neurosky and their headset « Mindflex ». I present its possibilities and limits toward gaming.

Eventually, I introduce Emotiv System and their headset with the possibilities and limits toward gaming, as seen previously.

The second one is about Virtual Reality.

In a first part, I give 2 different definitions of Virtual Reality across the time.

In a second part,  I explain why we are interested in this « other » reality.

Eventually, I point out the different devices wich try to make a new step into virtual reality.