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Unity Games

Try some of the excercices I made on Unity for 42 school

Unity 3D – Helix Jump

Clone of the VOODOO Game Helix Jump.

Unity – Hexagon

Use the arrows to rotate. Try to survive as long as you can !

Unity- Fruit Ninja (Proto)

Slash some watermelons in this prototype !


Test your reflex with this high-speed runner !

Survive Your Nightmare

Go as far as you can through several deadly dreams with random powers to help you in your journey.

Versus : Clash of the Weels

Defeat your enemy while avoiding obstacles on the road in a post-apocalyptic universe.


In this 3D student project you must use a Voodoo Doll as your weapon !

Titan : Escape The Tower

Use both your brain and skills to solve this action-puzzle game !


Create currents by swipping your finger to reach the beach !

About Me

Game Developer Designer & User Researcher

Hello, I'm Yohann Donse. I studied Game Design and became User Researcher at Ubisoft. I entered 42 school in Paris and now I am currently looking for a job that would combine my skills with my passion for video games. Feel free to contact me !

  • Game Design
  • Programming
  • Level Design

Writer on J-RPG : L’âge d’or du jeu de rôle japonais


Articles I wrote related to video games


Read extracts of two gamebooks i wrote during my studies


Introducing Votasy, the fantasy voting game !


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